GENOVA M 40-30

GENOVA M 40-30
Технические Документы
Technical Data Sheet


LUBRICO GENOVA M 40-30 is high performance trunk piston engine oil which is used for in medium and high-speed utilizing residual fuels with maximum sulfur up to 4%. It’s suitable for dual fuel 4-stroke engines when high alkalinity property is required. This product can also be used to lubricate bearings, stern tubes, reduction gears and some ship-board applications where specialist lubricants are not required.




  • Has high acid neutralizing property which helps to prolong the life of engine parts.
  • Shows high level of resistance against oxidation at high temperatures with its extraordinary thermal stability.
  • Has high performance antiwear additives provide excellent protection against adhesive wear for cams, camshaft and bearings.
  • Thanks to its effective detergent and dispersant additives provide piston cleanliness and soot handling.
  • Possess improved water and dirt remove features.
  • Provides long-term protection against corrosion of engine parts.

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