Technical Documents
Material Safety Data Sheet

LUBRICO MULTICUT S1 multi-purpose metal processing fluid used by mixing with water at the rate 5-10% for processing of various metals (cutting and grinding). Suitable as lubricant and coolant in hot drawing of aluminum rods (swarfless manufacture), in light and heavy metal removing processes (metal cutting) of metals such as aluminum and copper alloys, mild steel and cast iron. Chills perfectly. Warning: Oil should be added slowly into the water during preparation of the emulsion while water within the tank is in circulation. Never add water into the oil. Before preparing a new emulsion, discharge and clean the tank completely. Never use plain water for emulsion additions, make all necessary adding with the emulsion at proper concentration prepared in another tank.


  • Extends service life by decreasing bacterial reproduction.
  • Extends life of cutting tools and decreases waste product amount.
  • For heavy processes, keeps boiling of swarfs under control and ensures the processed surface to be smooth and clean.
  • Maintains its performance even with hard water with the stable emulsion.
  • Doesn’t generate smoke or odor.
  • Protects the system against rusting and corrosion.

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